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Painting With A Purpose Summer

This summer season we will offer a fun tropical beach on a pineapple, a whimsical cross, and a back to school pencil, you can customize for your classroom or your students teacher!

You will pick either a 6″, 12″, 18″ or 24″mdf cutout our an 11″x14″ canvas.

Painting with a Purpose is a creative group that was started with a group of art teachers to help our students stay engaged during the Covid-19 school shut down.  The group grew and evolved into something much bigger.

It is now a group of people around the world connected through family arts.  This is art you can create with friends, family, or as simple quiet alone time.  We strive to allow for creative freedom, while teaching simple techniques in fun, easy formats!

Both our live facebook classes and our YouTube tutorials are easy to follow, fun to watch, and provide great outcomes.  Visit our YouTube channel

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11"x14", 12", 18", 24", 6"