Gift Wrapped Design – Design Example Only


Gift Wrapped Design is another great inspirational craft piece. It is a design example only. Your imagination has no limits. Use paint, markers, crayons, glue, glitter, etc. to decorate your own one of a kind masterpiece. Every piece is cut from 1/4” thick MDF using a precision CNC machine here at Diverse Woodworking, LLC so there are no rough edges and a completely smooth surface.

Diverse Woodworking’s specialty is creating MDF and hard wood cutouts to fit your every need. We always have stock of an array of Letters in various custom fonts and sizes, along with custom shapes, phrases, and words. Custom cabinets, monogrammed tiles, or engraved cutting boards are also great gift ideas that we offer! We have low minimum quantities, short lead times, and year-round ordering.

This design example was created with our unfinished cutout linked below.